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Lucifer’s Song

I’ve been in the Bad Books   

& even as I get better   

The Bad Book gets Worse.   

My Father, you see   

Should Have ME   

On Calvary!   


Oh, sure, He’s the Son!   

Pipsqueak, what has he done?   

Who came first?  

Self-begot, … Read the rest


The First Emperor

(I am not) the first exoplanet
orbiting a solar-type star
For none yet exist, so I’m told
Just me, here at the centre
Of things

Without ME
There is nothing
To see
Without ME

Write that in stone
Put it … Read the rest


Highs and Lows

A dream just ends when the reality breaks in

But, could one still hold on to the dream and not give in?

What if, in the dream, one ties another, ‘say, with the power of singing?

When one could even … Read the rest