Author: Nishanathe Dahanayake


To the Trees

Oh the beautiful ones, that enshroud my world
How blessed on earth I am to have your company
I look at you in the morning to breathe in inspiration
I hang around you during the day to cool me down… Read the rest


Is Everything Relative?

Relativism, that may include any notion that supports ‘everything is relative’ has been an intriguing topic, in the contemporary world, subject to wider criticism. The two key criticisms made against relativism, within the western philosophical traditions are that relativism is … Read the rest



A man keeps running, deep in the forest

He’s fit and he’s clad in an athlete’s garment

He passes tall trees and low bush in the valley, he runs on foot paths along winding streams

Balanced, well-focused on each step … Read the rest


Highs and Lows

A dream just ends when the reality breaks in

But, could one still hold on to the dream and not give in?

What if, in the dream, one ties another, ‘say, with the power of singing?

When one could even … Read the rest